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Voice and Flash development

2009-12-10 16:12:10 by SonicKH

Yup, I'm developing flashes on my rare spare time, but I also want to dub voices! >.<
If you want me to voice anything, or at least try, don't doubt to PM me :) (The sample sound I uploaded is kinda rushed, but I can make better quality)

So here's a list of which voices I can produce and I know about 'em.

- Roxas (Kingdom Hearts)
- Mario (Super Mario Bros)
- Shadow the Hedgehog (Sega Sonic Series)
- Donald Duck ("Very Close")
- Falco Lombardi (Star Fox 'kinda')
- Sonic Japanese Voice (also 'kinda xD')
- Mickey Mouse (Disney)
- Really High voices (like tiny creatures)
- Really Deep voice (like a man announcing battles)


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2009-12-13 19:56:59

That's a lot of voice talent if that's true let's hope you can be put to use

SonicKH responds:

you bet!, that's why I'm looking around the "Voice Actors Wanted" thread lots of times. The pity is that not many people ask for what I can mainly voice :(. But I still other auditions. :) Thanks for commenting!


2011-01-26 16:12:48

Yo necesito una voz de anunciador en mi nuevo Flash. Es el Intro del Contra 4 donde el tipo habla del mundo destruido. Si te interesa aquí está el guión: o-que-viene-para-lv-enero-2011/394/

Para el narrador me gustaría que sonara parecido a Don LaFontaigne _xejg

Ojalá escuche las otras voces que haces en otros flashes, suerte y adios :)

(Updated ) SonicKH responds:

Lo intentaré
Será un placer :3

Intentaré suprimir mi acento lo más que pueda.


2011-04-24 10:58:23

we are friends